Covey Flush Kennels of Southwest Georgia, located in Sasser, 10 miles north of the Albany Mall, is your source for
imported field-bred English cocker spaniels for hunting and/or family pets.  English cocker spaniels make great gun
dogs, bird dogs, retrievers and wagon dogs.  They get along well with children and other pets.  We take pride in the
quality of dogs we import and strive to improve the breed with every litter produced.  We don't just sell dogs, we
become lifetime friends with the people who buy them from us.  We're always available to answer questions -- even
if you buy a dog from someone else.   We want your English cocker spaniel to be the best dog you've ever had.
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Owner: Christopher Loizou
Covey Flush Kennels
P.O. Box 56
Sasser, Georgia
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    Field-bred cockers also make excellent family pets,
    contrary to what you may have heard. They are truly
    happy dogs and are extremely affectionate. They're very
    sociable and want to be part of whatever is going on.
    They have a great disposition! They're energetic and a lot
    of fun.  They are really good with children and get along
    well with other animals. They are super smart, and eager
    to please, which makes them easy to train.

    We've imported dogs with pedigrees we wanted to build
    on, to improve the breed. Our dogs are naturally birdie
    and aggressive in the field. Their energy, stamina, and
    agility will impress you. And don't be fooled by their
    smaller size. English cockers are very strong swimmers,
    which makes them ideal for hunting duck and other

    For over twenty years now, we've been working to bring
    the British legacy of fine gun dogs to Southwest Georgia
    with superior breeding from imported stock.

    Give us a call and let us show you what joy a field-bred
    English cocker spaniel can bring to you and your family and
    your hunting experience.    

TRAINING             Best quality
EQUIPMENT          collars,
    harnesses, leashes, muzzles,
    bite tugs, toys and much more.
    If you want your dog-related or
    hunting-related business link
    here Contact Christopher
    229-344-5622 to link up with us