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Interesting Info
Interesting Info
ECS easy to train
hunting dog
cocker retrieving pheasant
English cocker spaniel gun dog
cocker spaniel retriever
English cocker gundog
orange English cocker spaniel
ECS hunting dog
cocker retriever
spaniel hunting dog
blue roan English cocker
liver roan English cocker
Our field-bred English cocker spaniels have impressive pedigrees, many are imported. They are well-trained,
excellent hunting dogs. English cockers are not only great in the field, they are also great in the home, and with
children and other pets. English cocker spaniels are used to retrieve dove, quail, pheasant, duck. Their speed
and agility enable them to hunt rabbits as well.  Here is a Photo Gallery of some of our English Cocker spaniels.
cocker spaniel bird dog
retriever ECS
English cocker retrieving pheasant