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Interesting Info
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This is Lucy. The first picture is her first quail. We're working on
her retrieving skills. She's doing well. The next two pictures were
of her on her first thrown pheasant shoot.  She loves being in the
field and things come really natural to her. She is very birdy! She
gets better each time we're out. The last photo shows her fierce
determination. A chip monk ran in the hole in the tree. She wanted
it bad.  She's a great dog! Terribly spoiled, but a great dog.

Will Cliatt
2011.  While it was a long way to drive, we have since learned that we will
not be buying another dog from anywhere else and can't wait to get him
a little sister.

From day one I could tell that Dale was one of the birdiest dogs I have ever
handled.  I have always been a lab and Chesapeake owner and in the past
been committed to those breeds.  But I tell you this---the Covey
Flush lines are GUN DOGS.  I have a coffee table book entitled, "The
Encyclopedia of North American Gun Dog" in which it describes how
important it is to get an English Cocker Spaniel lineage that is still
infused with the sporting blood that has makes this breed the versatile
worker that it is, especially sires from Britain.  When we were inquiring
about getting a puppy, Christopher assured me that he makes a
deliberate attempt to incorporate this fundamental ideal into every litter
he produces.  I can assure you, he has succeeded.

I worked with Dale on quartering, flushing, and retrieving starting at
about 3-4 months.  To be honest, I am by no means a professional
trainer.  My knowledge comes from books and second hand knowledge
as I guide my dog the best way I know how.  But with that being said,
this dog makes me look good.  I joined a dove club last season which
consisted of 7-8 hunts throughout the season on Sundays.  Dale was, to
put it simply, remarkable.  His marks were always rock solid and his
determination was evident to everyone in the club as he consistently
outperformed the other labs and retrievers who were brought along.  He
was attentive, focused, and steadfast.  And all this at 8 months old.  But
most importantly, his enthusiasm was unbridled.  I have yet to see
another dog this excited to get after birds.  Even if he's in the front seat
of the truck going to the grocery store, he is constantly scanning the
skies for fowl. Now at a year and a half old and 35+ pounds, he is a bird
dog if I've ever seen one.

While I have grown to expect the very best of Dale in the field, he's first
and foremost a house dog.  He obviously earns it, and we have trouble
not spoiling him--he sleeps in our king bed and becomes our couch
companion on movie nights.  Our home is quite simply not home without
him and he is certainly part of our family in every way.  We truly think we
have one of the best dogs around.

Thank you so much for everything,

Collier King
Chattanooga, TN
We just LOVE Jessie!  3 quail hunts and she has with
her ability to "find the bird."  She is still learning!

Doug, Ainslie, Stanton, Gig, and Ben (and JESSIE!)
P.O. Box 56
Sasser, GA  39885

Dear Christopher,

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your summer.  Early, my English Cocker
Spaniel ("ECS"), is now four years old.  She and I have been working hard to
sharpen her skills for the field.  As in previous years, Early is ready for this dove

Recently, I was thinking about when I began the process of acquiring an ECS,
which was six years ago this fall.  Admittedly, you were not the first breeder I
contacted.  I first called a breeder who touted themselves as the premier
provider of ECS's and bragged about selling dogs to celebrities.  After a few
telephone conversations, the breeder would not return my calls.  Discouraged, I
continued my search for another legitimate breeder in the Southeast; especially
a breeder who would simply return my calls and answer my questions.

In about October of 2005, I discovered your website and called you.  We talked
for a length of time about the breed and my expectations of the same.  You
patiently answered the questions of a novice seeking a bird dog.  I had a very
specific dog in mind: female, mask, liver or blue roan, and most importantly,
would obey commands.  Candidly, you informed me you could not predict the
color or gender of a litter, and that someone else also wanted an ECS of my
description.  I had to wait.  So I did.  However, in the interim, you continually
voluntarily called me to talk about ECS's, training methods, your current litters,
and hunting.  Our discussions over that span fortified my belief that I was getting
the right dog from the right breeder.

I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the ECS breed.  You did not make one
single empty promise about your dogs.  Your advice smoothed the transition
from aspiring bird dog owner, to hunting with a birdie ECS.

Looking back on my process, the joke is me for wasting my time with another
breeder who would not give me the time.  When people ask me where I got
Early, I quickly tell them, "Christopher at Covey Flush Kennels, don't waste your
time with anyone else."

Please continue to breed great dogs.
ECS flushing and retrieving
cockers love water
cocker swimming
    Dear Christopher,

    Nathan and I wanted to thank you so very much
    for Sadie.  We got her from you last July and she
    has been doing wonderfully with us in Las Vegas.
    She bring us so much joy and happiness.  Sadie is
    very smart, trains easily and is well behaved.  She
    retrieves well, her sense for flushing birds is keen,
    and she is very active with us, whether it is going
    on 6-7 mile runs, hiking in the Mt. Charleston for
    two hours or playing at the dog park.  Sadie has
    become part of our family and we couldn't imagine
    life without her.  In fact some days we think she
    thinks she is a person.  From the way she sits on
    the couch to the way she sleeps.  She is very
    affectionate and follows us around like a baby
    chicken.  It's quite amusing.

    Again, thank you so much for breeding these
    wonderful dogs!!

    Warm regards,

    Nathan & Nicole
English cocker hunting dog
duck dog
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English cocker duck hunting
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liver English cocker
English cocker spaniel gun dog

We wanted to send you an
update on our spaniel, Rosie.

At only six months old, she is
already retrieving birds (and
at a long distance).

I have a video and photo.

Billy Curtright
Mobile, AL
puppy retrieving
Hello Christopher.

This is Bret (Nicki's Netmeg, we
her first pheasant. She probably
thought it was the biggest quail her
first pheasant. She probably ever
shot. I have a couple more pictures
on facebook if you want to see

Bret Reifsnyder
cocker spaniel puppy retrieving a quail
And not all cockers hunt birds ...
Thanks, Claude, for such a wonderful letter,
all the gorgeous pictures you've sent us, and
for the many referrals you've sent our way.  
We really appreciate it!
bird dog

    If you you'd like to share a note or pictures about
    how the puppy you got from us is doing, attach
    it to an email saying that it's for the website.

    Send it to:

Governor Deal. She has been  flushing and retrieving
for Broadfield Plantation since she was six and one
half months old. She has become the primary
flushing and retrieving dog. She hunts at  least six
days a week and has not lost a bird since the second
week she started.

The dog handler says she is the most phenomenal
dog of any age he has ever  hunted. She sleeps at
home with him when she is hunting and with us when
she  isn't. I am looking forward to getting the second
puppy in January.    There have been several guests
she has hunted with that wanted to take her home!!

Mark Davis
November 2015
cocker retriever
cocker hunting dog

Hi Chris,
I hope that you are doing

Winston has turned out
to be more that we could
have ever hoped for …..
check pics above!
Best regards,

George Webster
Onyx.  He is such a good dog.  
We love him and he fits right in
to our family.

grouse wings already and
retrieving on land very well.  
Too cold for water yet.

Thank you so much.

Earl Weaver and Dinah Weaver

Hi Christopher

Here's a shot of Dolly with
a rooster.  She's doing
great. Couldn't have
asked for a better pup.

ECS retriever
English cocker retriever
English cocker couch potato
cocker spaniel hunt test winner

Just wanted to give you an update on Kermit, who we got from you back in August of 2013.  At only 16 months old, Kermit is already halfway to his Junior Hunter
title by AKC.  He received qualifying scores in both of his first two hunt tests given near Augusta, GA by the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club. See the attached picture
of Kermit and me with our winning ribbons.  He will be going for his title at the Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club Hunt Test in Jackson, GA in early December.

Not only has he done extremely well in the Hunt Tests, he is also a great hunter and is truly a natural.  We have been on several quail hunts and pheasant shoots.
I’ve attached another picture of the results from one mornings hunt recently at High Point Quail in Locust Grove, GA.

Even though Kermit is a fantastic dog in the field, he is first and foremost a great family pet.  We could not be happier with him as a member of our family.  He
sleeps on our bed every night and keeps our feet warm when it is cold!

Thanks for turning us on to a great breed and fantastic dog, Christopher.


Alan Barnes
Sandy Springs, GA

I wanted to share some photos with you of
“Chief” from Moss’ and Socks’ litter of
December 6, 2012.  He is an absolutely
amazing retriever, family member, companion
and friend.  He is an outstanding retriever and
could literally spend all day in the field
retrieving birds.  You can tell that this is what
he was born to do.  He also loves riding in the
front of the boat taking it all in.  He has
enjoyed this since he was young puppy.  He
loves our children and is loved by them and
has been a perfect family pet.  From the time I
get home in the afternoon, he follows me
everywhere just wanting to be by my side.  I
could not ask for a better dog.  I hope all is
well with you and all of our friends at Covey
Flush Kennels.

Jason Branch
flushing and retriever cocker