liver roan cocker
liver cocker
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I have to say Huck is the BEST dog we have ever had.   There
are too many stories to write about him. He will hop on ANY
mode of transportation...the john deere tractor, the bobcat, the
riding lawn mower, the 4-wheeler, even the huge CAT that we
have at our barn in Tennessee. I can't keep him out of water!
He loves to hunt and goes crazy when we pick up the gun or
mention the word Squirrel. .....And he is also a snuggling lap
dog (when my husband is not looking!) Thanks again for
delivering such a great member of our family!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Huck is Finn and Gobi's puppy
from the April 2008 litter.

P.S. I am trying to talk my sister into getting a puppy from you
for Christmas!!

Traci Hildreth Infinity Travel, Inc.  
I want to thank you for breeding these dogs, I'm crossing my fingers that you will still be at it when I need another.
As I lost my Lakeland Terrier of 13 yrs., I had mixed emotions.  Certainly I was sad, but was also relieved that I
didn't have to be subjected to all of his downsides any longer.  I realized that I needed an obedient dog.  My son
bought an ECS from a local pet store.  Being around him on occasion revitalized my desire to have a pet dog. Long
story short, I researched the breed and ended up searching for an field bred ECS.  All I can say is that my puppy
that I purchased from you has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable.  From house training,
obedience, trainability, loveability, intelligence, will to please, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I would not waste my time sending this email if I didn't believe 100% in what I am saying as I'm not a BS'er.  I've had
my pup for about two months, and it is obvious to me that Christophers puppies are inherently capable of being
the best house dogs or bird hunting dogs a man could ask for. Turbo loves packing his antler around and chewing
on it as well as frolicking around in the ivy.

Ken McMurphy
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liver roan English cocker spaniel
liver roan English cocker
Looks like Early likes
boating and fishing too!   
Enjoying the Beautiful Texas
Bluebonnets and gorgeous
weather today.

Love, Peaches   
orange English cocker puppy
red English cocker spaniel
Growing Peaches . . .      
Happy 1st Birthday, Peaches!   
red English cocker
Ainslie shared
these great
pictures of
their new
English cocker puppy
English cocker puppy
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English cocker spaniel
cocker spaniel puppy
English cocker spaniel puppy
orange English cocker puppy
Hey Guys!

Just wanted to send ya'll a quick note on Tule :)   She is
doing great!  She found her "voice" the other day and finally
started to bark; the funniest sound.  She loves to play and
play and then when she's done/tired she comes over and
gets in my lap and just falls asleep.  It's so fun to watch her
each day.  Every day she has some new quality or trait that
comes out and every day she is getting bigger.  She is
changing fast!  I attached some pictures.  Of course she will
hardly sit still long enough for one.  We are delighted with
her and can't wait for what's in store.  She is truly amazing
and so smart!

Sarah & Jesse
English cocker puppy

Winston is a real member of the family now!

George Webster
cocker puppy
Hi Christopher,

Just wanted to let you know that the
puppy, whom we named Georgia, is a and I
wanted to just thank you.  Especially with
the sadness that we've had over having to
put our 8 year old cocker down due to a
brain tumor it's a treat to have a bundle of
joy like Georgia.


Rosie is really a special pup.  She is learning how to sit and already walks on a leash okay (she now pulls
me instead of the other way around).  We couldn't be more pleased.  I'll send pictures some other time
when I figure out how.  Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs.  I think she has her father's eyes
and I just love them.  My husband is in love with her.

Thanks again.

Dolly Curtright
Molly was 9 months old last Sunday.

liver ECS puppy
brown female cocker
English cockers

Maggie and Max
The Davidson's Maddie
Winston then and now